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Science Cafe

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Thursday, June 28th 7pm-8:30pm Free

Science Cafe: The Private Lives of Secretive Birds

Come learn about several ways that ornithologists track individual birds of different species. Museum ornithologist John Gerwin will showcase results from local studies of nesting birds as well as data from migration-tracking. You will be able to examine gear and devices used to conduct research on the behavior of birds.

About the Speaker

John Gerwin, Research Curator of Ornithology for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, has studied the breeding biology of the painted bunting and Swainson’s warbler in the Coastal Plain; black-throated green warbler in the Piedmont; hermit thrush and yellow-bellied sapsucker in the southern Appalachian Mountains; and in Nicaragua, the golden-winged warbler — a migratory species that breeds “up here” but spends half the year “down there.”

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