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Rock The Block

Tarboro Road Community Center
Tarboro Road Community Center Friday, March 29th 5pm-8pm Free Event.

Come out and meet your community and friends at the 1st annual Rock The Block party! Join us Friday, March 29 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Tarboro Road Center.

Rock the Block provides a night to celebratecommunity with indoor and outdoor games,activities, food, music and more.Wrap up the night with an epic game of glow in thedark laser tag. This event is free for all ages.Rock the Block will be a night to celebrate community with indoor and outdoor games, activities, food, music and more. Wrap up the night with an epic game of glow in the dark laser tag. This event is FREE for all ages.
Event Activities include:

Glitter Tattoos
‘Rock the Block’ Pass
Photo Booth
Giant Jenga
Ker Plunk
9 Square
Carnival games
Gaga Pit
Basketball Skills
Food truck