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Find Larry the Deer

William B. Umstead State Park
William B. Umstead State Park, January 25th - April 14th

About two years ago a woman donated two taxidermy mounts; one of a deer head named Larry and one of a bear head named Bob.  I use the bear extensively in programs but Larry has been left out.  Now Larry will star in a program of his own.  Larry will be moved to five unique spots on the dates below, along with the coordinates where you can find him.   The first five people at each site to send us a picture with Larry will get a free canoe rental this upcoming 2020 canoe season.  

January 25th  - February 14th       Larry visits the Civilian Conservation Camp                    
Find him at:     N 35  50.643"   W 078 44.381"

February 15th - March 4th             Larry visits the Old National Park Office                            
Find him at     N 35  51.010"   W 078  44.759"

March 5th - March 24th                 Larry visits our Oldest Tombstone                                      
Find him at    N 35 51.224"   W 078  44.185"

March 25th - to April 14th             Larry visits his secret ledge                                                 
Find him at   N  35  50.916"  W 078  45.173"

April 15th to May 5th                     Larry visits the park"s playground                                      
Find him at    N 35  51.616"   W 078 44.839"